What's special about the welcome drink at the Pistachio Sapa hotel lobby that is always loved by tourists and remembered whenever mentioned?

Today Pistachio will reveal a little about the recipe so that you can make this tea at home whenever you miss us.

To make cinnamon apple tea, first we need to prepare: apple, water, black tea and cinnamon bars.
- Step 1: Clean the apple then peel the peel and retain the peel then squeeze the apple juice.
- Step 2: Put water, apple juice, apple peel, black tea, cinnamon into a pot and boil. After boiling water people boil for about 5 more minutes then switch off the stove and brew tea for about 3 to 5 minutes.
- Step 3: Peel the apple peel then pour the tea into the cup and enjoy with honey.

Cinnamon is a spice at the same time a medicine. According to Oriental medicine, cinnamon has a sweet, spicy taste, and has a benefit to reduce sore throat, stomach pain or back numbness ... According to Western medicine, cinnamon has the effect of stimulating blood circulation, blood circulation, and increasing breathing... When cinnamon and apple are combined, honey creates a drink that helps the body relax and reduce stress!

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