5 entertainment experiences only at Sapa Hotel named: Pistachio Hotel Sapa

Pistachio Hotel Sapa is currently the ideal choice for many families traveling to Sapa on weekends.
If your family members have different preferences, think about a 4-star Sapa hotel with diverse services such as Pistachio Hotel Sapa.
4-season swimming pool: Pistachio Hotel Sapa's swimming pool belongs to the four-season swimming pool, cool in summer, warm in winter. Located on the 1st floor of the hotel and the water temperature is always seasonally adjusted, so you can enjoy swimming at any time of the year, including in winter when most of the swimming pools. are closed.

4-season swimming pool Sapa hotel
Four-season swimming pool on the 1st floor of the hotel

Bathing Dao people: After a long day of exploring tourist destinations in Sapa, there is nothing more relaxing than being soaked in a bath and bathing in red Dao tobacco. You will "find" the feeling of comfort, well-being and forget how tired and sad.
Prestigious spa in Sapa
Experience the Dao bathing at Red Dao Spa

Gym: For a comfortable travel, your health is also a concern of the hotel. For this reason, the hotel has reserved some space for the gym, with many modern equipment. You have the opportunity to exercise to enhance your health, to ensure a truly perfect vacation.
Modern gym in Sapa
Gym with modern equipment of the hotel

Fansi Bar: Located on the 12th floor of the Hotel, Fansi Bar has an airy space, a wide view that can satisfy the eye with majestic mountain scenery lurking in the mist. Therefore, if you are looking for a top Bar in Sapa to satisfy the virtual life, sparkling check-in, do not miss Fansi Bar to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and collect the ultimate set.

Beautiful view bar in Sapa
Fansi Bar - With an ideal view embracing the beauty of Muong Hoa valley

Karaoke: Pistachio's karaoke system is considered by the music connoisseurs to be a super product with extremely high sound quality, making everyone crazy right from the first audition.
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