Sapa steps field in the rainy season

Entering May, summer in Sapa is also the season of rain. The stair fields are watering in preparation for a new season, on these days if you get a chance to visit from above you will see the beautiful water pouring into the storied fields and strange.

Featured in the friendly picture of the Sapa Mountains are the staircases that stretch from deep valleys to the summit of hills that stretch across the sky. When the early rains pour down in the Highlands, the dry staircase fields revive. The indigenous people bring water from streams to the fields, then take the buffalo out to plough, starting the new season. It's also the beginning of the staircase field tourism season, attracting tourists from all over the world to enjoy.

Sapa staircase was voted by Travel + Leisure magazine (USA) as one of the seven greatest staircase fields in Asia and the world. The indigenous people take advantage of the hills and mountains to grow water paddy. They excavated and divided the mountain into steps, side-by-side to make fields. Just like that, from one life to another, mountains and hills become fields of high stairs, ecstatic. The richer the family, the more stair fields. Few homeowners over a hundred steps, occupy a very high hill. These very distinctive farmlands became unique travel products, drawing tourists to make Sa Pa a return destination for many.
Credit: chudu24 & Sapalaocai

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