Develop "Green Tourism" - Sustainable tourism

Develop "Green Tourism" - Sustainable tourism.

In 2023 Vietnam welcomed over 12 million international guests and over 100 million domestic tourists. The possibility that in 2024 we will be back to the 2019 milestone of reaching over 18 million international tourists. Therefore, the development of green tourism is a prerequisite for balancing and regenerating maintenance as well as sustainable tourism development.

According to Mr. Vu Van Tuyen, Vice President of the Vietnamese Community Tourism Association, Vietnam's upcoming orientation is to develop green tourism space, which is a strategy as well as a very good orientation, very advantageous for Vietnam. Therefore, it is necessary to create products that meet the need for experience, and engage tourists with the local community. "I suppose, there are 5 elements to create a green travel product. Environmentally friendly first. Secondly, social security must be created, people benefit from tourism development. Besides that, the nature of security must be created, that is that there are not so many conflicts occur in the tourist community.

Understanding that, Pistachio Hotel Sapa is also working hard to limit the use of plastic waste, the hotel items are prioritized environmentally friendly.
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