Delicious dishes to try when visiting Sapa, did you know?

Beside the beauty of nature, the hospitality of the indigenous people, Sapa is also known as the culinary paradise of the Northwest
With unique, quirky dishes and distinctive flavors of smoky, of the mountains in a foggy landscape, you must try the below delicacies when visiting this beautiful little town!
1. Fresh salmon, salmon hotpot

2. Hot pot of mackerel/black chicken

3. Stewed black chicken in a pumpkin

4. Bamboo sticky rice

5. Stone Sprouts

6. Crispy river fish

7. Grilled chicken with wild vegetables

8. Horse hotpot

Pistachio Hotel Sapa 
No. 29, Group 5, Bac Street Waterfall, Sapa, Lao Cai
Hotline: +84 868588364
T: +84 214 356 6666